Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review: Next Level to the OnePlus Killer

The Samsung is first and foremost biggest competitor in Android world. It has the finest and conventional features every time people excite to look at all the time. And this year Samsung has launched its newest edition in the market which excites the people all over the world.

While you're looking for the best flagship performance phone with highest features never experienced pricing which is a sky rocketed budget friendly phone. Samsung has dabbled multiple ways to give the affordable phone at your glance which leads to auctioning pick in your hand.

We all know Samsung is the biggest smart phone brand which is hitting the heights every year with its new add-ons to the flagship of the family Galaxy S series. And the company recently have waved the hands to  the new launch which we all know and been discussing for a while is Samsung Galaxy S20 FE which is most pleasing and giving an fun and entertainer all over.

Moreover, even if your fan of One plus series this phone might give you an chance to admit and grab all  the attention over eyes with this successfully going beast Samsung Galaxy S20 FE where you might find new different angles and versions all over the head with its new steal up eyes on it.

Furthermore, we all might know that Samsung will always build its actions and attributed specifications and features along with stunning cameras ahead.

While coming to pricing, on every recent series the variant types of costs ranging from 1000 to 300 dollars as we all know it and we never have seen any phone abounded less than that, so this have bonfires the flagship with its really fair price of 700 dollars.

So, to make it clear note we have to dig more and take actions beyond it whether it is really worth it or not!

Design and Display: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

This S20 FE looks brilliant in looks and gives you the sibling kind of feel with Samsung Galaxy S20+ which we can expect to have a flat display and matte finished polycarbonate back and impressive fingerprints ahead.

You can even feel it is an attractive aluminium finish which gives you nothing but the premium way out which is together taking away all our looks.

And the display ahead leads to the 6.5 inch full HD+ with an 120Hz super AMOLED screen which gives you the QHD+ panel as it continues to available on all the S20 series. Moreover, it is a standalone product which comes with highest and bright vivid colours which can give you a classic display panels which can lead you the wide vine L1 support which you seems to watch the Full HD videos without any drag on.

On an overall, we have to pick the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE comes with polycarbonate back and a solid screen body. And the only strange drawback is Samsung doesn't offer any screen protective case and protection screen protector which is very danger for the phone and its lifespan. So, for that we can pick the best accessories for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE which is very helpful and handle all your delicate things and make it happen avoid all the attack smudges.

Performance and UI: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

While you have to take a note of this performance such a durable and affordable one which is earned with high praise global Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 which is launching at 5G. Along with it is giving you the Exynos 990 chipset which you are going to give the flagship S20 which comes with variant storage capacities.

The storage of the phone coming with 8GB RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB internal storage which is quite adorable one!

We said to be the one with highest chipset feels which gives you the multi tasking hacks all the time with a real world performance where you can't even imagine. It can mold the overheating check in and heavy graphic game play which can high in performance glance for clicking the pictures and videos.

While coming to the performance we can rag the highest UI based system which can be an UI 2.5 based on Android 10 which is quite steady and been improving ahead with the android stock.

Camera Performance: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

 You can find the stunning camera ahead which gives you the perfect shots even in the dim lights. And the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE preferred to have on the back of the phone with vertically stacked triple lens which is similar to S20 which comes to 8 mega pixel telephone lens and 12 megapixel primary sensor and 12 mega pixel of ultra wide angle shot which is f/2.2 aperture and can be more appealing while shooting and engaging.

While you can find the great picture perfect photos in the fairly good job which gives you the day light conditions and ransom the binned sensors which can give you the richness of colours and detailing. You can even find the sharpness which is AI optimized and gives you the greater level of saturation and HDR shots with both front and back cameras.

Coming with low light shots you can find the rear camera shots which are visible to all the low light shots and can give you the video in 4K resolution too which is too adorable and gives you the Pro mode.

On the other hand, you can upgrade from original S20 series from 10 megapixels to 32 megapixels. While you can find the selfie in all the different top angles you can with the beauty mode selfie and better results.

Last more things to be in the action, is it worthy to buy?

Of course, yes you can find the highest bidding mode of usage with the best action and unfortunately you just lack of supporting of 5G comfortably. Rather this you can blindly pick this and have a great daily routine with it.

So, what are you waiting for pick your credit cards and make a buy for it and have an entertaining and enjoyment mode ahead. Just take a minute and find your tech friend and share it with them and let them know how pleasing it is! See you folks again in one more interesting and exciting tech gadget.
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