Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max: Top of the Line

The Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra are some of the most impressive smart phones in market which can be more durable and also giving the best competition to the iPhone12 series. And before going into best beasts, have you ever wondered which Flagship takes the crown??

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max which comes to a competition of two most premium large screens which have all the splendid features and one can make a buy for them? But how do they differ and what are the advantages does one have over the other?

Samsung has officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and it's best time to compare against iPhone 12 Pro Max which are the best two smart phones and also take a look at these few things which can be more used and popular ones which can be more companion over display differences, cameras, battery sizes, charging, processors and we'll also look at a few things which can be more used and free to get in the box with your phone but that you no longer have.

Korean smart phone powerhouse Samsung announced it new update with an pack of wrap up with its own new Galaxy S21 Ultra which is hearty line up that compares well with Apple's iPhone 12 models which gives you the lack a pint size option like the opted one for iPhone12 mini.

Design and Durability: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

 As we all know how series got up a total overhaul for 2021 which gives you the flagship and comes with an array of colours and gives you the new matte finish. These will give you a complete new redesigned camera module that integrates with a match of frame. Along with S21 still sports gives a higher design sense of love full and playful actions we have with S20s.

Apple's flagship comes with a sport of glass sandwich which can give you the multiple colours and comes with a Pro which asserts you the highest frosted glass finish and adds more value of featuring glossy back plates. And these gonna happen you with the highest curved glass found on with replaced utilitarian design and recalls all the iPhone series.

We have Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max VS Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra,

  • Pricing: $799 | $ 799.99
  • Processor: A14 Bionic | Qualcomm snapdragon 888
  • Storage: 64GB/128GB/256GB | 128GB/256GB
  • Connectivity: LTE 5G | LTE 5G
  • Display Size: 6.1 inches | 6.2 inches
  • Display Type: OLED | AMOLED
  • Display Resolution: 2530 by 1170 | 2400 by 1080
  • Front facing camera: 12MP | 10MP
  • Rear facing camera: 12MP. 12MP | 12MP,12MP,64MP
  • OS: iOS 14 | Android 11
  • Special Features: MagSafe, Face ID | Variable refresh rate

Both the Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 have an IP68 ratings and also comes with an withstand of 4.9 feet and gives you the highest water for an half hour. Beyond these few we might also find the best of the durability and gives you the highest aluminium frames and Gorilla glass display. The S21, S21+ comes with a mode of plastic and iPhone 12 comes with a ceramic shield of glass for display and bodies. This also comes with a supposed durability and awards you with all the strengthened glass options and gives you the scratch free and worthy stainless frame.

It even comes with tough calling actions and also gives you the round in a draw. And along with these we can even add the iPhone 12 which comes with a highest ratings and pro stainless frames which can give you the clear notch edge and also gives you the best of frame.

Performance: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with an equipped with a latest and most powerful Qualcomm snapdragon 888 which comes with a chip of United States. And more over, Samsung comes with Exynos 2100 processor. And also this come with an expected mark of snapdragon performance and gives you the power efficiency. If you also comes with other thing of iPhone 12 Pro gives you highest Apple A14 Bionic chip.

Both of the manufactures comes with advanced technologies of using and gives you the highest manufacturing and crashing benchmark actions. Moreover we have an integrated 5G usage as well.

  • Galaxy S21 Ultra Snapdragon: 1104/ 2913
  • iPhone 12 pro Max: 1601/4349

In terms of storage gives you the highest base of Galaxy S21 Ultra model which comes with 128GB with an on-board memory and gives you the matching of storage offered on iPhone 12 Pro Max also. The galaxy S21 is also skipping the micro SD card slot and gives you the iPhone. So, if you have the expanded storage of things which can give you the finest features of all the smart worlds.

And these 2 smart phones comes with an major carriers across the globe in United states and they'll even support 5G connectivity and comes with an regular bands of particular market for all the fetching users with both support of sub 6GHz and mm Wave types of 5G in US.

Battery Life and Charging speeds: Samsung Galaxy S21 Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

Finally these two will comes with a highest battery range of Android world with the highest baggage with no exception and gives you the 5,000mAh battery cell and 3,687mAh battery life's for iPhone. And this means to be the Galaxy has the nearly 50% of the age for the capacity of iPhone.

And don't expect to have a direct correlate to 50% improvement of battery life and gives you the best outlast in iPhone with the battery endurance department.

Which Phone is best?

It's hard to say the thing but to get our hands on the entire Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Apple iPhone comes with more additional features and gives you the money with many impressive features including 100x Space Zoom; 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and SPen support. These can also give you the highest flagship to keep an eye on them.

And pick according as per your interests so that can find you the best one for your daily needs. See you again in the new edition of comparisons.
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