XBox Series X Review: A Next innovation Generation

Gamers were growing very rapidly day by day. Every gamer has his own unique style of representing his game play. If we take up a look a year back we may found the rate of gamers very low but it got increased rapidly due to the new trend in the games introduced by companies. 

The games that kids and young people play these days were too much extraordinary and every game posse a hidden story which make us get involved more into it. The graphics and the moves that games posses these days were the main aspects which were attracting the young people and kids. They were games designed for every age group. And as the AI is now booming the games were also coming up with the Nee AI intelligence. When we talk about gaming console two names will after be in the race one was the XBox and the other was the PlayStation. 

As the Microsoft's new Xbox Series X console have designed to usher the new era of gaming. The next gen would be a big leap and gives you the promising new era consoling hardware which is undoubtedly gives you the next level of experiencing the game. And we all know how pleasing Sony launches any new era into the market. Yes, the same era came up into your hands with more flashy new graphics, next gen games and many more still on their way as an updates to meet you. 

The users of the Xbox and PlayStation were almost same. Every time these two will compete with their new Launches. People Always get in struck of what to buy and why to buy... Why too Much Worry Fommy is here to give you a Great Overview of New Launches in Xbox. 

Xbox came up with its new series called Xbox X series. We can Strongly Say this was the Path Breaking Series launched by XBox it has all the new things and Also It got updated in most of the modules that the Gamers were looking for. So let's not waste our Time Let's Jump into the specifications and know more about this brand new X series. 

There's a bunch of fetching reasons everyone have to know about the Xbox series X even looks like an Pc which often gives you the best feel and cool stuff to hangout. 

This XBox X series posses truly 4K Gaming Experience with a Frame rate of 120 per Second. Which was the Fastest as if now? This was the Most Powerful and High Speed Xbox So Far. The Games that were built in this Xbox were made of X|S Development. This Reduces the Loading Speed of the Game and Gives us the Great Visuals. 

When we Talk About the Architecture of this Xbox this was Really the Best one.. it Posses a Chip which works on AMD's Zen 2 and RDMA 2 which gives a Power of 12 Teraflops. This Chip makes the Visuals much More Realistic with Enhances Graphics and Gives us a Great Realistic Feeling during The Play.

Particularly for games as well as with High End Graphics the Sound was also the key point. User get involved More of the BGM of the Game than the Visuals. This XBox Users Were in very safe hands in these Features. This New Xbox Series X is coming with the 3D Spatial Audio which was the next evolution in the Sound Technology. It gives us the Best Sound Experience which was Never Before.

The Chip (SOS) Gives the Superfast Speed i.e the Speed at our Finger tips we Can Load out Games at a Glance. This was one of the greatest features who were vexed up with slow loading speed of Games. This Gaming Console is Coming with 1TB inbuilt SSD which can be Expandable as Well.

This New Xbox X series has a Another Brilliant Features that We Can Switch Between Games Very Fast and Smooth with Quick Resume Option.

The Next thing that we need to talk about is the Controller. The Design of this Xbox Controller is Very elegant and Gives us a Great Comfort. Its Design Look simple with has a Textured Edges which gives a Great Grip while holding and the Updated Full Circle with Hybrid D-pad which gives us the Easy Handling and Makes us Free from Crossing Fingers. We can also Use Xbox One Accessories for this New X Series it was Totally Compatible and Gives us Super High Speed Gaming.

The Must know things before you purchase any product is, whether it is worthy? Having any new features or not? Does it have warranty? And many more things which will leave you the caze of the product at once. So, with the same thing we have brought up the best things you have to take into consideration before making a buy!


  • Highest Performance and Back compact
  • 120Hz modes for smoother game play
  • Quick pausing feature
  • Flexibility to use

All the time only good things not only matters must also pick the issues you will face later and take a look at them also.


  • Non Removable stand looks weird
  • Non AAA launch
  • Little bit expensive

Take a Sneak peak at Inbox Accessories this was Quite Common for All Xbox Series. It Contains a Gaming Console and a Controller and an Ultra HD HDMI Cable. The Inbox content was almost looks same for Xbox Series. And It Costs $499.

And these are the best thing which it came up for all the gamers in the recent times and also makes you fetch into the new feel the love of the play station. 

If someone is looking for the Best Gaming Experience with high-speed along With 4K Experience Then this new Xbox Series X wills Surely Meet all Your Requirements. And what are you waiting for fetch the more and more lovable factors which makes people surround you for this. Or any of your friends is looking for this play station? Then, share it with them and let them know how mind blowing the device is and how fascinating it is!

See you guys again! Until then keep stalking your one stop destination for all your technology and accessories queries, Fommy! Keep sparking folks!

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