Comparison Between Tempered Glass vs Privacy Filter

While picking the new smart device, you make sure you accessorise them well. We'll do it and take care of it like a baby. As screen guards or screen protectors turned out to be very neutral these days.  For a well being of the device screens these are actually shielding your device from everyday scratches, breakages or any other further damages.

So, to do it all is to add an extra layer of protection over your regular digital screen. Moreover, if you are an accidental prone or clumsy person, you always need to cover up your screens right away using screen guards. Always remember investing on a good screen protector leads to a great way of reducing chances from damaged screens, and giving a longer lifetime for the screens.

Tempered Glass 

This was a basic and mandatory accessory which every gadget required. The Mobile Screens were usually made of OLED display which gives a fine picture view for the users. And monitors were made of LED,LCD displays. The gadget itself has fall protection to some extent. i.e. Falling from short height and hit by a small action etc. But we need to upgrade our screen protection for our gadgets by adding an accessory named Tempered Glass. Many People have heard about this Tempered glass earlier but today you gonna see the Different types of Tempered Glasses. This Tempered Glass is also known as a Screen Protector. Marketers will be calling it as a tempered glass or screen protector according to their set of marketing. But as per Accessory both were the same. We have different types of screen protectors which gives us the protection and also the clear view of the visuals. There will be few screen protectors which will make the visual slightly dull when we compare with the original. Now let’s understand about the different types of Screen Protectors. In Screen Protectors we have Glass Screen Protector and Non-Glass Screen Protectors These are universal types of Screen Protectors. In These Universal Types we have Two Types Matt Finish Glass Screen Protector and Matt Finish Plastic Screen Protector. The Normal Glass Screen Protector gives us the original touch of the mobile and will have a clear visual of the picture of the Screen and while the Matt finish Screen Protectors will give the smooth touch to our screen and have little dim view when we compare with Clear glass screen protector. 

Privacy Screen Filter 

Privacy Screen Filter. Before getting more about this let me ask you this. Have you ever heard about Visual Hacking and Visual Privacy???  I know you slightly wondered with this question right !! ok well let me give you a glimpse about these two phrases before knowing about Privacy Screen Filter. Do you know that your screen can be easily accessible? I mean easily viewed by the person next to you !! yeah it is true !! The person sitting next to you can easily watch the data on your screen and can easily understand what you are using on your gadget. This sounds something Weird Right But it was actually true and it was even proved by many studies. I Hope now you got a glimpse about Visual Hacking To Know More About Visual Hacking Check Out Here [VISUAL HACKING]

 We need to really appreciated  the technicians in the market who were bringing out some extraordinary accessory to safeguard gadgets in 360 degrees. One among those extraordinary accessories was the Privacy Filter. What Privacy Filter ?? What does it mean ?? How will it Help me ?? these are the questions that were revolving in your mind right … No worry you will get a clear picture of this accessory right here. Privacy Screen Filter give sus the dual duty than the regular screen protectors i.e. These Privacy filters will not only make the user screen scratch free but also keep our data safe from prying eyes. When we compare with Regular screen filters this privacy screen filter has an additional spy film layer which keeps our data safe. You may now have a doubt that Should I really have this privacy Filter. My answer would be Definitely yes !!! why because we are all using mobiles for everything like social media and online purchases etc. As our screen has a great brighter display that can be easily seen by the other person next to you or behind you. Visual Hacking is not harmful as per saying but in practical way it was harmful and the person can easily know our passwords by viewing from next you us and he can even look at confidential data from our gadget by sitting next to us so that we should definitely take a step to keep our Data safe and secure by adding a accessory names Privacy Screen Protector. Now let's find out how it works!! These Privacy screen filters use Micro louver technology which allow the light to pass through certain angles. Normally the viewing angle will be 60 or 90 degrees. If anyone looks from beyond they can't see anything on screen except the dark screen. We we talk about the finest features of Privacy Screen Filter we can say that this Privacy filter will gives us 4 way protection for our gadget i.e. Micro Louver technology gives us Privacy for our data, Tempered Glass will Protect the gadget display from scratches and Two Orientations of Privacy Protection and Viewing angles. 

Now you understand About Tempered Glass and Privacy Screen Filter, and again you are confused about what to purchase right ?? yeah I know now. Lets quickly get into the comparison between Tempered Glass and Privacy Filter 

Comparison Between Tempered Glass and Privacy Filter

I will give you the Simple points of comparison 

  • Tempered Glass will Provide us fine picture view and Privacy Screen filter also gives us the Fine Picture View 
  • Does Tempered Glass Makes the display Scratch Free – Yes 
  • Does Privacy Filter Makes the display Scratch free – Yes 
  • Does Tempered Glass Protect the Display from Dust and Dirt - Yes 
  • Does Screen Protectors were Available in Non- Glass - Yes
  • Does Privacy Filter makes the picture view dull – No 
  • Does Privacy Filter Protect our Data from Viewing – Yes , Because of Micro louver technology
  • Does Privacy Filter Provides Two Orientation Protection - Yes 
  • Can Privacy Filter Lasts Longer - Yes 

So I wish now you got a clear picture on Both Privacy Filter and Tempered Glass. By this Comparison Both the Tempered Glass and Privacy Filters have their own Unique Features and Both will be perfect choice for you. So what are you waiting for? Pick Your Preferred Accessories and Share your Opinion With Us. 

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