Best of iPad 10.2 : 7th Gen. vs 8th Gen: Best of One ?

The new Launch from Apple is the most sensation in the market. An innovation iPad 8th generation, the next version of the iPad 7th generation. But, most of us have a query that which one is the Best? iPad 7th Gen or iPad 8th Gen??

Why worry, when FOMMY is here! Read this article until the end; you'll find solutions for all your queries.

Life is all about learning new things and updating to the new Technology. Apple is also such Brand which upgrades every time with its new features for their customers. Do you all know Apple iPad came with such unique features that will pull your wallet out and swipe your card to purchase this new Apple iPad?

So, let's not waste time flying our thoughts over! Let's jump into our hot comparison vibe between iPad 8th Gen and iPad 7th Gen!

Before anything, here is a brief about both models of iPad 10.2

iPad 8th Generation 

This Brand New iPad 8th Generation is coming up with an A12 Bionic chip, which makes the performance 40% More than normal CPU and with 2X Graphics, a superfast graphics, which was 2x Faster than Top-selling Windows Laptop and 3X Faster than the top-selling android tablet. It was also 6x faster than the top-selling Chromebook. It was coming with Neural Engine, which can make 5 trillion operations per second. 


  • 10 hours Battery Life 
  • 10.2 Retina Display 
  • USB –C Power Adapter
  • 8MP Camera 

This iPad 8th generation is coming up with $329 for normal customers and educational purposes; it was sold for $299. This time Apple is coming up with a stylish themed colobus. You can have this iPad in 5 Colours, which we're going makes customers go crazy for sure.

 iPad 7th Generation

This was the best iPad that Apple had ever launched till now. This was something that has all we need and even more, than we need. It Was True tone technology and came with full laminated, and it also posses anti reflective coasting. An A14 processor is inserted in it, which can make anything in microseconds. This iPad 10.2 inch laptop connects very fast with our Camera or any other device that we connect. It Comes With Features like

  • It contains a 7MP Front Camera, which can record 1080p 60fps video, and it can also have better low light performance. 
  • And Its Rear Camera is 12MP, which can record 4k video with 60fps. This iPad 10.2 inch camera is designed with improved video stabilization.
  • It has a 10.9-inch Display. 
  • It has 10 Hours battery life, which was similar to the iPad 8th generation.
  • It's Stereo Speakers were going to give you a greater experience of sound.
  • This iPad 10.2 Inch is coming in 5 different colors.

Both of these have excellent options in the mid-range prices. Apple has come up with great features for both iPads. But, which is best for you?  

 We've compared them and given you the best key elements below!

The Only Common thing in this Both Is Apple Pencil. Its Features and Flexibility were simply unremarkable. Our Experience of iPad with this apple pencil will be like a desert after a delightful dinner.

Design and Display:

The New iPad has created a new design phase, adopting the new iPad Pro's look, which came up great. It got rounded corners and flattened edges.

Meanwhile, the display has boosted upto 10.9 inches, where Apple Liquid retina makes a pretty ensuring clarity. It also brings true tone real changes with a reflective coating. 

The iPad 7th Gen, by contrast, keeps everything outwardly the same, sticking to the design but doesn't make a change of the color display.

It's got a 10.2-inch retina display, which makes great quality and colors too. But, lacks in color coating and lack of true tone. 

Wow, these apple new products were amazing, right!! But you were confused about what to purchase and how to protect this iPad? Isn't it 

Fommy is here to shut down all your doubts and Your Worries Related to iPad Protection.

Hardware and Specifications:

The new Apple iPad Air 2020, has a big hardware device – it's the first feature of the new flagship chip with A14 Bionic, which gives a pretty great performance. 

It comes with an effortless multi-tasking feature that is much more comfortable in editing and handling big games. It grabs upto 40% more boosting performance when compared to the previous 10.2 model. It has a big leap up power terms, which had a great margin than the previous one. Both have iPad OS 14th Installed functionality, which makes an OS open source for all the widgets. 

The Major difference occurred is, charging and data sharing; the iPad Air comes with USB type C, major universal cable support, where iPad is lagging for it.


The new iPad Air has the best selfie camera of 7MP for major video calls and a Rear Camera of 12MP matching the iPad Pro, where you can get more clarity to manage 4K video.

The iPad meanwhile got staged to 8MP rear Camera and selfie camera.   


Both have almost the same features with mild changes but compared to the iPad, iPad Air has more features and great upgrades, which are incredible.

The iPad starts from $599 (£579) for Wifi, and for both Wifi and Cellular data, it starts from $729 (£709).

Mean line, the iPad 8th Gen starts from $329 (£329); for the Cellular data, it ranges from $459 (£459).

Best Pick Among iPad 8th Generation and iPad 7th Generation

  • Are you a student related to the media filed, or are you a filmmaker, or do you have any business related to Advertising, then you much pick this new iPad 10.2-inch product? Its large screen gives you the greater view of the visuals, and its processor makes your software load in a very quick time. Trust me; this will make your work more efficient and reduce the time. 
  • Do you want to purchase a product that gives a great visual at a low price, and are you looking for something that has all in it, then you much choose the iPad 8th generation, which makes your journey good. 
  • The major difference in this two iPad is in the processor and Camera. 
  • On a view, these both were the same expected in the above two factors. 

How To Safeguards Your Brand New iPad

Electronics must need to safeguard things to look good and also to help us from falling and scratching, 

The Fommy possesses well-defined cases for the iPad 8th generation that give you a fine grip and look stylish to the outer world. Why make our iPaddull grab these cases and make it look crazy.  And we also have Tempered glass, which prevents the iPad from scratches.

Bottom Line

On a while of Both new iPads Apple's launch, most people pick the iPad, which is most decent and the latest one that everyone picks.

While we have an A14 chip, it makes a powerful beast for a better number of years. And also an updated design and USB-C compatibility with a great impression.

Moreover, comparing with all the things and features, the iPad 8th Gen will be a great option that is more comfortable to use and flexible to carry. Probably the iPad 8th will be a perfect choice which meets all your needs.

So, Buddy's I hope you got all the things you were looking about Apple's new launch of the iPad vs. older iPad, 7th Gen. If any of your friends is the dilemma of picking the iPad? Please share it with them and give them clarity. Come on Its Time to Swipe your cards for Apple New Innovation Launch!! Keep enjoy your world with great Apple; until then, keep stalking us for more innovative stuff regarding Technology.


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