Samsung May not Launch a Galaxy Note Series? Will it discontinues??

We all know that Samsung has announced that there will not be a new Galaxy note smart phone coming this year. But the Company has regularly launched its Galaxy Note series smart phones in the second half of the year. Seems like it looks the plan changed for 2021

What is the overall news? Why did this happened? Is there any internal things Samsung been hiding from us?

Samsung, one of the world's premium company of chips and consumer electronics, expecting to crunch the pose a problem to its business next quarter. As Samsung Electronics company warned its grappling fall out from serious imbalance in semi conductors globally which is becoming the largest tech giant to voice concerns about chip storage which are spreading beyond the auto making industry.

Samsung's Co-executive officer Koh Dong Jin has made an announcement in share holders meeting in Seoul that company is considering to skip the new launch of Galaxy note, which is their best selling models. As this year, Koh said that was geared towards streamlining its line up.

Samsung's usual set of smart phone launches include two main flagship series which are Galaxy S series and note series. But now that the company has also started with pushing the foldable, but its been busted that speculation about company putting an end ti its note series as of this year.

As Samsung Galaxy Note 21 might not launch the series, but its not dead. Ross states that in spite of launching Galaxy note 21. The company has an press down some of the important and series which can be updating with less powerful "Galaxy Note 20 FE"

Critics has claimed that it has an bound to happen on Galaxy S series which are having an killing and similar specifications logically but not coming with fold able ones. To make an cementing to the speculation for note series we however, don't know this confirmation.

Moreover, we are clarified now by Analyst Ross young who claimed the same with the talk more about for Note Future. As he tweeted, there won't be any Galaxy Note 21 this year. And he also states that instead of launching the Galaxy Note 21, it has downing with some more important series by updating the less powerful FE.

Do you know the Samsung has announced its original flagship of Galaxy Note 1 back in 2011 and ever since then its been upgrading the series and this year its is indeed a little flawing. Despite  of the absence of new galaxy note flagship this year, we still have an hope on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra which is now announcing the support to it with S Pen and its been first S series from Samsung Galaxy with its Pen stylus support. We are assuming that lack of any significant upgrade can be bringing a new Note flagship this year which can be stunning. More on, Galaxy S21 comes with an excellent features and crafting design may take us to the next level of authentication.

For those who are unaware of samsung last year launch Galaxy S20 FE which is more appreciated one all across the web with bunch of specs ratio.  It came up with premium features like triple rear camera, AMOLED 120Hz refresh rate and Exynos 990 chipset which are less powerful and been with Galaxy S20 and S20+.

While in the same tweet, he stated that lack of Note 21 models will let Samsung keep its Galaxy S21 models in shelves last longer in time.

Additionally, Galaxy Z fold 3 is also expected to launch with the atoning support from S Pen which in fact an ever some mid range Samsung phone which is most awaited these days. And in mean while we won't be so flawed as the company comes with the sweet time to rethink about Note Flagship and come up with much more exclusive and impressive features which makes the device stand out of the crowd. Let's see what else Samsung is planning for all of us to impress and make its mark in the smart world.

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