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iPad Magnetic Adsorption
Wall-mounted iPad Magnetic Adsorption Universal Sticker Mobile Phone Wall Bracket
Wall-mounted iPad Magnetic Adsorption Universal Sticker
Universal Sticker Mobile Phone Wall Bracket
best Wall-mounted iPad Magnetic Adsorption Universal Sticker
Mobile Phone Wall Bracket
Wall-mounted Magnetic Adsorption Universal Sticker for ipad, ipad pro and ipad mini
iPad Magnetic Adsorption Universal Sticker
best ipad magnetic sticker
 Mobile Phone Wall Bracket
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Wall-mounted iPad Magnetic under 17 dollar

AMZER Wall-mounted iPad Magnetic Adsorption Universal Sticker Mobile Phone Wall Bracket

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The magnetic tablet holder will safely protect your devices or hands from scratching with the rounded and smooth corners. The magnetic tablet holder is easy to attach and remove without leaving a residue. The magnetic tablet holder adopts slim and lightweight design, with exquisite workmanship, anti-corrosion and wear resistance. The metal plate with strong adhesive stickers securely attach your device onto flat surface, such as such as walls, tiles, wallpaper, wood, glass, plastic, leather, etc. Suitable for almost all tablet computers and mobile phones.(If the tablet is larger than 10 inches, it needs to be fixed with two magnet holders).



  • A sturdy sticker secures your device to the film to prevent it from falling and damaging.
  • It completely liberates your hands, so you can do whatever you want while watching the video.
  • With magnetic design, the installation is quick and convenient. Can be applied to many surfaces such as walls, tiles, wallpaper, wood, glass, plastic, leather, etc.
  • A variety of colors to choose from to personalize your device to suit your different everyday styles.
  • Applicable to almost all tablets and mobile phones, such as iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab/Note, Google Nexus, Microsoft.
  • Magnetic bracket only, does not include other accessory demos in the picture.
  • Description: All installations need to be cleaned with wet wipes
  • Size: 55.0x55.0x5.8mm


  • Attract the magnetic card: Remove the film and stick it in the middle of the back of the phone/tablet.
  • Magnetic sticker: tear off the film (make sure to remove the transparent protective film from the surface).

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Customer Reviews

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I got myself one, then my sister. Issue is appears as though they are rarely appended. I needed to move the holder more to one side as there is a rut close to controlling wheel run. However, it works impeccably. Gracious my gosh I cannot really accept that how well my telephone simply snaps on there by the magnet. This one doesn't impede the air vent. I have purchased the air vent kind. They don't remain. Ive hit pot openings and so forth, absolutely never moves. As you can find in the scramble I had one that for all intents and purposes softened and cant get off. On the off chance that your telephone is on the scramble in the warm summer the telephone gets excessively blistering. Enthusiastically suggest this as the telephone isn't on the hot scramble. Yet, the magnet holder is fanstastic. Snap and go.


Probably the best phone mount I've owned.

These plates function admirably with PDAs and wireless cases. They don't stand out however are unequivocally attractive and hold the phone onto the dashboard attractive phone holders. Update - subsequent to involving them for a couple of days. These attractive holders and their plates are solid. For my situation, excessively solid. The issue was that when I attempted to take the phone off the holders they wouldn't separate and the whole attractive holder pulled out of the air vent and stayed adhered to the rear of the phone. It was really difficult to Remove it the hard way. These things are strong!! Arrangement. I hacksawed one of the rectangular plates upward, into a piece around 1/3 the size of the first, documented the harsh edges smooth where the hacksaw had cut the thing, and afterward utilized contact concrete on the phone and the rear of the more modest piece of plate to join the plate to the phone. Worked impeccably. Cutting the plate in this manner diminished the attractive fascination with the place where I could now eliminate the phone appropriately, however the fascination was as yet sufficiently able to hold the phone set up.


It does what it is supposed to do really well, LOVEEEE IT!!

Gave it 5 stars since it is filling in as expected. Simple to slide either phone in an out of the holder. I'm often snatching a phone for pics in my business. My ONLY grievance is that the elastic within the 'clipping' region is tearing/moving off from rehashed slide in an out movement. If I somehow managed to take the time and unclip and eliminate and supplant and reclamp, I'm certain it would hold up better. I won't fault the vender, I'm utilizing it beyond it's expected reason. However...this ought to be a thought assuming that you are wanting to be sluggish and simply slide your tablet into and out of the brace. You'll encounter a similar issue, so make certain to utilize the cinch appropriately to keep away from untimely obliteration of the elastic.

Nice and thin. Very powerful magnetic plates

For my application this mount was awesome. My Xterra has a board in the dashboard that is effectively eliminated so I had the option to remove it from the vehicle and join the mount utilizing the provided nuts/screws easily. I'm utilizing the mount to hold a Kindle HDX7 I use as an OBD2 screen for when I am towing. The mount is extremely simple to change. It's an extraordinary plan since it simply has the one huge handle that fixes the two finishes of the mount simultaneously.

I as of late drove from PA to IL and back with the tablet holding tight this mount and it won't ever move. My vehicle isn't the smoothest and the tablet shook now and again yet the mount kept it set up. I was really amazed. It is all plastic, yet it is caused well and doesn't to feel like it will break without any problem. Eliminating the tablet and it's holder without upsetting the place of the mount itself is extremely simple. The part that holds the tablet has elastic cushions in it and when you fix the switch on the back down it holds it set up quite well. Zero chance it is dropping out. simply remember this is intended to be in a bad way or dashed down in your vehicle. However long you are alright with that, it is an incredible little mount and a decent in general worth.