stopper Full Finger Winter Warm Photography Gloves | fommy
stopper Full Finger Winter Warm Photography Gloves | fommy
stopper Full Finger Winter Warm Photography Gloves | fommy

AMZER Outdoor Sports Wind-stopper Full Finger Winter Warm Photography Gloves

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You’re ready to shoot in seconds. Just flip the finger cap and enjoy full access to your dials without exposing unnecessary skin to the cold. Nature’s best weapon against the cold, Merino wool ensures a fitted and warm glove optimized for handling your photography gear, did we mention, soft, warm and wicks away moisture from your hand? I guess we just did. Now even warmer with a thin layer of high performing insulation.




  • Fold back two finger tips.
  • Breathable, comfortable, wind-stopper, and multi-directional stretch fit.
  • Top grade silicone for anti-slip designed on palm.
  • Soft and windproof fleece composite fabrics inside, makes this glove more durable, comfortable and warm.
  • Small Size: 23.5(middle finger length) x 9.5(palm width)cm, weight: 50g.
  • Large Size: 26(middle finger length) x 11(palm width)cm, weight: 72g.

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Customer Reviews

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Great weight and keep your hands warm in very wet conditions

These are incredible gloves with an assortment of purposes particularly at the low cost. Up to this point, I have utilized these in 45 degree climate during a 3 hour bicycle ride. The gloves are agreeable and kept my hands warm so I didn't encounter deadness or torment regardless of the more drawn out ride. I would suggest these for the most part for above frosty temperatures or just for lower temperatures for more limited spans.
The grasp is a great element as gloves as a rule have less grasp than your hands so it makes these gloves more straightforward to grasp and hold things contrasted with most gloves. The gloves take care of business on a touch screen, however they are not the most responsive. I can begin applications like pandora or exercise applications for following, however I would have zero desire to accomplish something more convoluted, for example, messaging with these.

robert wagener
Glove with touch screen fingers that ACTUALLY work!

Purchased these for a ski trip in Wyoming. I had no chilly climate gear and needed to purchase most everything. My child has a couple of these for running and he loves the fit and the way that you can in any case utilize your telephone with the gloves on. I chose to get a couple for the ski outing to have as "reinforcement" gloves, generally to be utilized to and from the vehicle, yet not so much for genuine skiing. I purchased heavier gloves for skiing. Well I wound up wearing these meager gloves only I was amazed by how warm my hands remained and they were a lot more straightforward to use with my telephone, head protector, boots, skis, etc..... The temperatures were in the low youngsters to low single digits. I was on the slants for the majority of 8 hours and just right from the start (which was the wettest) did I need to ultimately put on my bulkier gloves for the last hour of skiing. I can't express enough about these gloves and how well they kept me warm.

Omkar Julie
Light weight, Excellent performing, right on the money and size

I truly dislike my limits and I was truly happy emerged with these gloves. In addition to the fact that they are Entirely agreeable they are truly tough as well. There isn't anything more awful than when it is sleeting/freezing precipitation and temps are close to that edge of freezing over. They are great too on the grounds that it has a component where you can open the finger spaces for hanging tight, unraveling your lure and other smoothness reasons. The neoprene truly assists keep your hands with warming. I'm incredibly happy with my buy