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Adjustable Cute Pet Glossy Reflective Neck Strap/ Collar with Bell & Safety Buckle - Pink

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This Glossy Reflective Pet collar can be seen from far away, this is not only for fashion and this collar also keeps you and your pet safe while walking at night. Drivers can see bright light from this Reflective Neck Strap and be far away from your pet to prevent accident. Very suitable for your own pet or gift for others. Made of Quality polypropylene material these collars will never irritate on your pet skin.




    • Comes with a bell.
    • Plastic release buckle with D ring, easy on and off.
    • Adjustable strap.
    • Adjustable Neck Strap with Safety Buckle.



Customer Reviews

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These are holding up so far! Great strap and buckle, and Customer Service

I'm just composing this bc of star survey. You need to utilize the collar PROPERLY. I say that since there 2 metal rings on the two sides of the plastic clasp. One is free moving (utilized alone can cause gagging yet it's really to prepare the canine not to pull) and the other is sewed set up. Utilizing both keeps the plastic clasp from breaking by taking out the pulling pressure. My imposing pit blend is extremely amazing and has broken (and bit) through many collars AND tie out links. My puppy bites on it constantly it's actually holding solid. I've had it 4 months and I'm simply back to arrange another for the doggy. I just wish the intelligent strip was more extensive yet extraordinary collar at the cost.

Surfing Shopper
These collars checked all the boxes on my wish list to keep my cats safe.

I have a feline that scratches at his choker here and there, and most restraints just look pleasant on him for a couple of days. I put one of these on him, thus far we are at seven days with no harm. I needed to remove the ears the feline face on the clasp, likewise with all chokers with these clasps. The ears disturb the skin and you end up with an open sore in the event that you don't remove them. Nail trimmers generally work for that work.

Perry Taliaferro
Good quality. Holds well, but you need to insert strap correctly.

My indoor felines like to escape into the back yard here and there. So when I let them a tad the collars fix things such that a lot simpler to track down them to bring them back inside. In any event, when my felines are in dim spaces like under the bed or in the wardrobes I can see them effectively with this choker
The main drawback is that the third collar I got didn't have a ringer. The ringers are extremely great in pitch and are not excessively sharp or excessively dull and calm.
With everything taken into account extraordinary tough and attractive plan.