Amzer® Emergency Mobile Charger - pack of 3

Amzer® Emergency Mobile Charger - pack of 3

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Running out of battery life is often the worst thing that can happen……. no communication when you need it the most. This ultra-slim, lightweight portable emergency charger makes it easy to charge your Micro USB or Mini USB device anytime, anywhere and it doubles as an LED flashlight. It also eliminates the hassle of finding a power outlet and/or charger. Simply load one AA battery into the charger, connect your device specific cable, and connect to your phone, your phone starts charging immediately. Take it everywhere you go….camping, hiking, fishing. Keep it in the car for your next road trip, or throw it in your bag or pocket for your own personal safety. Having a fully charged mobile phone is not an option these days, this accessory is a necessity! Battery not included.



Power failure? Flight delayed? Phone low on power?
Ans: Keep the emergency mobile charger in hand.


  • Compact and lightweight, this emergency mobile charger is an ideal solution for travelers! 
  • This charger lets you charge your phones battery with regular AA battery. 
  • Automatic cut-off charging when AA battery is used up.
  • Simply insert one AA battery and charge your phone anywhere you go. 
  • With the emergency charger you can charge your smartphone with ease anytime and anywhere. 
  • Traditional converting effeciency is 88% (varies by phone and AA batterys quality).
  • Usable with an AA rechargeable battery.
  • Indicator light lets you know the charging status.
  • Comes with micro-USB connector for your optimal use.


  • Micro-USB connector. 
  • Maximum charging: 310mA (varies by phone models).
  • Color: Black.
  • Weight  1.6 oz.
  • Battery is not included. 
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.


Alcatel Crave
Alcatel Authority ADR3010C
Alcatel Acquire
Alcatel A50
Alcatel A5 LED
Alcatel A30 Plus
Alcatel A30
Alcatel A3 XL
Acer Liquid Z630s
Acer Liquid Z530