Assorted Squeaky Dog Chew Toys - pack of 3 (Random Style)
Assorted Squeaky Dog Chew Toys - pack of 3 (Random Style)
Assorted Squeaky Dog Chew Toys - pack of 3 (Random Style)
Assorted Squeaky Dog Chew Toys - pack of 3 (Random Style)

Assorted Squeaky Dog Chew Toys - pack of 3 (Random Style)

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These toys are Non-toxic soft and durable. Toys have valves, and pet bites can make sounds to attract their attention. These toys can help the dog to exercise, on the other hand, it can satisfy the desire to bite, and especially the dog that is often alone is easy to be lonely, so the dog needs a toy. As made with soft rubber it is tough and suitable for pets and owners to play together. It can help the healthy development of pet teeth, and the dumbbells that are ringing will be loved by dogs. Random styles include: 
Flower Slipper, Girl Print, Basketball, Cartoon Face Sheep, Bulldog, Footprint Ball
  • Makes sound when squeezed.
  • Great playing toy for your pets.
  • Made of non-toxic material.
  • The toy can help the dog to exercise.
  • It can help the healthy development of pet teeth.

Toys Type: Pet Squeak Toys.
Material: Rubber.
Random Color Delivery.

SKU: 205657 - Squeaky Dog Chew Toy (Random Style)
PART: AMZ205657
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Working Very Well for my dog!! It’s an instrument you never knew you had

Alright OK folks let me tell ya'll something !!! I go by Bogey and I'm 6 years of age . I'm a pitbull. In any case here are my contemplations and my mother's !! Whenever the Fommy fellow came to drop off my ball my mother purchased for me I woofed obviously. Hello what would I be able to say ,I didn't have the foggiest idea what its identity was OK .

I must safeguard the house. My mother returned home with Fommy bundle in her grasp and I expected it was for me in light of the fact that Im continually annihilating my toys. I believe she's fed up with it. Who can say for sure. So she opened it and I hopped and grinned!!! It was the greatest day ever, I was unable to stand by. At the point when she gave me this ball ,I was so cheerful. This precise one !!! I began biting on it immediately. Up to this point I've been grinding away for 3 hours!! Would you be able to trust it !? Neither can my mother!!

I'm simply so energized.
I can hardly wait! I love my new ball. Much obliged Fommy and thanks mother!
Ps. My mother had one or two misgivings of all of the Fommy audits that were great , however presently I'm evidence that this ball REALLY IS INDESTRUCTIBLE. I'm attempting to tear it separated with no karma still. Your fuzzy friend would adore this as well! Alright, at any rate folks must go bite on my ball . Bye now!


A winner! Tooo cute &safe for “enthusiastic chewers”

I purchased two of these, one for my sibling's multi month lab (envisioned) and one for my 14 lb Jack/Chihuahua blend. The lab is totally infatuated with it; I was informed he asked for it while it was being opened, then, at that point, strutted around cackling it, flaunting to everybody. In the event that you have a canine who loves noisy toys, they will presumably cherish this one. It makes pretty amusing commotions. Step on it in the center of the evening and you get a shrill shout that will terrify you! My brother moves a kick it screeches in the air when he tosses it.

With respect to my Jack/Chi, it's a piece huge for himself and he experiences difficulty fitting it in his mouth. He favors his more modest chicken toy. Nonetheless, assuming I stand the chicken up and screech it at him, he will become frantic at it, smack it down, then, at that point, divert it, cackle it a couple of times and demise shake it! He will bring it a couple of times yet he gets anxious with the trouble in getting it and go get one more toy all things being equal. I wouldn't suggest this toy for a little canine.


This has been a wonderful purchase, Great toy for puppy

I was amped up for those, in light of the fact that my Danes have had one chicken from Fommy for around 2 years now and they love it so I figured I will arrange them 3, so they won't battle about it. One chicken's head was pulled off inside first several minutes and after around 30 I was on my knees getting pieces. My Danes destroyed tore nothing however them chickens were gone in something like an hour Lol!!

I believe they're more blissful now, since one of them is chipping away at chicken's head, other one on the bottoms haha.
Generally speaking, notwithstanding every one of the pleasant they had I wouldn't get it once more, basically not really for them. Chickens are plastic and simple to break. I was expecting it to be more rubbery-ish. However at that point once more, my canines are XL.

Adam Benjamin
5.0 out of 5 stars, My Dog's Product Review

This audit is given by my canine, not by me!! It was excessively great not to share.
According to my point of view the balls are on the little side. Likewise, don't organization them in the event that you can't deal with the squeaks. See the video.
UPDATE: The squeaker in two of the toys broke on the subsequent day. I wish day endured longer. The toy is unblemished. Simply the squeaker won't work any longer.