Types of Privacy Screen Filters

What you need to know about Privacy Screen Filters:

Security over sensitive information always features like end to end encryption, two factor authentications, VPN can help you protect from online trifling. But, somehow it is simple to sneak a glance over the biggest privacy over sensitive information. If this is something you've never thought of, then you need to think of it now!! 

There's a lot of confidential information that needs to be protected from prying eyes. And By the way, this could be resolved over the privacy screen filter!

What exactly is Privacy Screen Protector?

To hold in simple words, a privacy screen protector is acting like a shield to your information. As it serves the double duty as a screen guard and also keeps your data away from prying eyes. Moreover, like regular screen guards, these also seem to have a tempered glass variety and PET Film. But, to give an additional support it is turned to be an anti spy layer that restricts the eyes over your display.

But, do you really want this?

Let me show you some fancy things where the sensitive information of users is taken out to the world. It is none other than visual hacking which is a fancy way of telling that someone stares randomly at your device screen and sneaks into the information. This seems to be a harmless way of attacking through your data. But, it’s always a point users miss and worth thinking about it at least now. While this seems to be almost done to everyone in every day times; over phones, desktops, laptops and more.

From using social media to online banking everything is under an eye which seems too common nowadays. But, have you ever thought logging into your accounting or checking sensitive data might be giving you an unknown prying eye over it. While you unknowingly check it and certainly this leads to a severe issue over time.

However researches turned out to investigate the phenomenon of hackers to glean confidential information with the use of visual hacking over white hat hacking with more than 100 companies with 16 industries. As this turned out, saying that malicious intent of achieving the security of your devices involves a lot of attention is simpler with less than 15 minutes of time over 90 percent of success rate.

And even it isn't that too far fetched away over the things to prying eyes. As far as you hope getting username and password, banking/ wallet apps come over sensitive accounting of data. You also need to premeditate the best out of unnecessary.

Ultimately, accessing your company's true risk is now at the end of visual hacking which seems completely difficult to predict. 

So, if you plan to buy a new device? Then from next time make sure you take a few things into consideration over picking the best privacy screen protectors.

How Exactly Privacy Screen Filter Works and Helps you?

Most of you aren't aware that privacy screen filters are leading the market with security sustainability for a long time. While most privacy screen filters come with different kinds of materials and features to help the user protect their information. 

But, the main usage of privacy screen filters is it holds the vision from the prying eyes over 60 to 90 degree long viewing angles. Also this acts as a filter layer which sets a narrow front angle and gives the window blinds work over microscopic scales. Essentially, the certain angle predictor will help you stop the maximum number of pry eyes from attacking your data.

So, if you want to dig more about this visual hacking and want to know exact information about what is tempered glass and Screen protector? Have a look at these, 

Visual Hacking 

Comparison Between Screen Protector and Privacy Filter

Also choosing the right privacy screen filter also plays a major role in adding value and worth to your sensitive data. While to clear all your notes, here are the ones you need to take into consideration.

Best privacy screen protectors and What to look For, 

There are quite lot of brands who make privacy screen protectors with few more things you should know before buying one, through;

Types of Privacy Filters:

  1. High clarity Privacy Filters:

These privacy screen filters come with high resolution which will exactly fit these monitors and display you with clear vision over monitors and displays.

  1. Black Privacy Filters:

These privacy screen filters come with versatile, durable and ready to use mode which will show black screen to long distance prying eyes. These are adjustable and mostly sun presence screens to hold all your sensitive data.

  1. Anti Glare Filters:

As these privacy screen filters come to reduce mirror-like reflection over screens and block the look over the time from prying eyes. And also comes from protecting against dust and scratches. 

And what are the most includes For a Privacy Screen Filter:

  1. MicroLouver technology: These days every privacy screen protector comes out with micro louver technology as this comes with better viewing of experience. Also this gives you multiple options that will keep you just darkened glass which will never allow your data to prying eyes expect you.
  2. Tempered glass or film:

This is not as compulsory, but you can pick it from the personal preference of type for display protection which can give the longest life of the screen. While both privacy, full coverage can add the value of the toughest length of the screen with the best for the curved screen. As the tempered glass will add the highest protection with display over toughness.

  1. Two way or Four Way Privacy:

There are two kinds of privacy filters here, where you can pick the darkened screen only in portrait mode of orientations. Also you can find the better of advantage with it that no one can seek over it. And if you want to share something over the screen, then you need to turn the portrait into landscape and then find them out.

Moreover, if you want protection over both portrait and landscape modes you need to pick the 4 way privacy screen filter which works in every orientation.

  1. Viewing angle: 

This is the major important factor one should keep a note of! None other than the narrow enough viewing angle which helps the people stand or sit next to you out of range. As the viewing angle is too wide or too low should not be your preference. 

You must find the disadvantages of adding a purpose over a privacy screen protector. If you flip it more, it will narrow aside as this will lead to tough for your own viewing experience. Also you need to face the screen which holds the screen properly with an enabled viewing angle of only 60 to 90 degrees.

Bottom Line, 

To give you in simple notes, privacy screen filters play a major role in giving you the ultimate privacy solution for all your needs. Also this reduces the risk of fearing sensitive information over all the times of day. 

Say no to prying eyes over public areas and have an absolute hassle free life of handling sensitive information. Phone and display always needed to spend millions of time offering the best experiences. Also you are the one who needs to choose the best for your life. 

And if you are looking for the best of the privacy screen filters then, you can even check this out here!!

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